Beavers Bend Fly Shop Fishing Report
by Sid Ingram
Beavers Bend Fly Shop Fishing Report
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we look forward to seeing you at the meeting and to fishing with you on the river.

Our shop is located inside the Park alongside the Mt. Fork River... We will have the coffee ready.
Sid and Peggy, BBFS,
See photos of some very nice fish caught lately...


Alaska Making Memories
Will Maloney

Forty pound fish on light rods, not stocked or land locked true WILD FISH on Wild Water
I was not raised as a fishing guide I was brought up walking and fishing small streams and rivers. I learned at a young age that fish are a small part of fishing. The big picture is wildlife as a whole; at the hart of wildlife you will find streams. I have fished small water for forty years. In my travel I fished from east to west in the lower 48 Mexico and Canada. I consider myself a small stream expert. Walk a small river in Alaska and it has a way of making you part of it, fish a small river in Alaska and you become part of it. To me it is truly a healing experience. So for this reason I love to guide on small water. Just the thought of ice off gets me so pumped. When I put my guide pack on for the fifth day that week and head for the stream with my clients I still get that feeling, I got when I was a kid late April opening morning Trout season in northern PA. This is not about me it?s about who I work for and what I work for, we make memories. The good guides know they are in business of making memories. What can be more American than taking three generations of family to a small river for one of the best fishing days of their life. The guide will always be part of the story экскурсия на речной вокзал в Москве but the real story is about the friends and family coming together to walk wild water. Alaska has so many wild streams and my protective instincts beg me not use there names in print as they may some day show up on the map. With that in mind let?s talk about some that are on the map and remote enough to still be wild!

Walking a game trial to a stream in Alaska can make you feel a little like food source, and you should. What I mean is, knowing you?re walking with critters like Bears and Moose will keep you thinking getting a guide with a gun was a good plan! On this day we are fishing the Chuit River the Chuit is a river that you can cast across a river you cant top your waders in five spots in five miles. We start our day with a short flight to the west side of Cook Inlet. We are met at the small gravel runway in the village of Tyonek by my friends Frank & Sue Standifer who know this area as there back yard. The first thing I say to Frank is how is the river, and he just smiles and says your going to like it Willy. I will be guiding two fishermen from Tucson AZ. Scott & Jeff and joined by my son-in-law and Alaska guide Luz Apolinar also one of the best fishermen I have ever fished with, my father John Maloney. Luz is just glad to be back on the ground and dad is just fallowing my lead something he is not used to doing. Frank says were do you want to start Willy the River is all yours. What Frank is saying is the five of us will have the Chuit to our selves! I send Dad and Luz up river from a spot Frank calls the honey hole today we will be fishing for King Salmon. We will be fishing less than a mile from the saltwater most of the fish will still have sea lice on them. That?s the way we like them chrome hard bodies! Things start fast for Scott and Jeff they hook up right away, and the Alaskan rodeo binges.

For five hours my guests from Arizona are going non stop fish after fish its back slaps and high fives for all and they have the photos to prove it. It?s a good feeling to know you are part of a mans big fish stories. Buy now Jeff and Scott are on auto pilot and I head up river to find Luz and Dad. There not far away and as I round the bend my main man Luz has a nice King on and Dad has just released a fat Rainbow. Its time for a little stream side lunch and we head back down to Scott and Jeff. As we sat on the bank of the Chuit enjoying our lunch my Dad summed up the morning by saying it?s just like fishing Pa in the old days except the fish weight 40 pounds. We fished long and hard for two days with only the Bears and Eagles to distract us. Guides are truly blessed to be able to work on wild rivers and to make memories with our friends.



If you will take a few minutes to look this over, IT WILL HELP YOU PLAN A TRIP OF A LIFETIME! We will also send the 2005 fishing info.
We do at this time have openings for the 2006 season.
710 Pauley Dr. Prescott, AZ. 86303 928-778-6469 & 907-567-7333
E-mail -,



We want to thank you for considering Creekside Inn. We look forward to working with you and helping you set up your fishing experience here in ALASKA on the Kenai & Alaska Peninsulas. When selecting your dates to come to ALASKA and in determining what you may actually fish for, we would like to provide some possible guidelines.

We begin fishing for Halibut with success about the first of May. We continue throughout the summer and usually end about the 10th of September. The reason we end at this time is not due to no fish--it is because the tractors that launch the larger boats discontinue their launching service at that time. But, self-launching smaller boats are available If you desire to fish after the 10th of September, there is still very good Halibut fishing.

We begin to catch King Salmon when the water temperature reaches 42 degrees. This is sometime the later part of April. The run peaks around the first of June. We continue to do well for the first run of Kings until the middle of the June. The run slows down drastically after this time and many charters fishing on Cook Inlet discontinue the combination charters, (Halibut / King Salmon fishing on one charter trip).ALASKA

WE CONTINUE DOING COMBINATIONS, --FISHING FIRST FOR KING SALMON AND THEN GOING OUT AND GETTING YOUR HALIBUT--, as long as those on the boat desire to do so with the understanding that the King Salmon fishing will be slow. If you desire to catch a TROPHY KING SALMON (50 plus pounds), we recommend you Coming the latter part of July. This is the period of time that the majority of the larger Kings are caught in Cook Inlet as well as the KASILOF RIVER. Always take into consideration that there may be a closure on the KASILOF River if the escapement has not been made. The tides do not play a large role when fishing for King Salmon in the inlet. It has always been believed that the larger tides bring more salmon into the rivers. Remember that fishing for Salmon on the Ninilchik River, Deep Creek and Anchor River Is allowed only on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays beginning the end of May until the middle of June.

We begin to catch Silvers the end of July both on Cook Inlet and in the rivers. The peak of the run is about the middle of August. The run usually continues good until about the first of September. Some years the run even continues into the latter part of September. How early the run begins and how long it continues depends on the depth of the water in the rivers and its temperature. The KASILOF RIVER often has a good late September run. Fishing from the banks of Ninilchik River, Deep Creek, and Anchor River using, flies or lures is good through out most of the month of August most years. If the water level is low, fishing is some times a challenge. Beginning the first of September bait is no longer allowed as well as treble hooks. Silvers can be caught with the use of Flies or lures with a single hook.ALASKA

STEELHEAD FISHING (sea going Rainbows) on Anchor River, Ninilchik River and Deep Creek.
Adult steelhead begins to enter these three streams near the end of Aug through the end of Oct; only artificial lures with a single hook are authorized. The egg sucking bunny leech and Glow Bug were very successful this year, in a variety of colors. The fishing continues to build and does so until the rivers become frozen over. The freeze up begins anywhere from 15th Oct until the end of November. This year the average size was estimated at 11 pounds, with many landed in the 15 pounds. The largest Steelhead ever recorded out of Deep Creek was 28 pounds. Remember these are estimated weights because these rivers are a catch and release fishery. This provides numerous hookups daily. One fisherman in Oct. claimed to have hooked 27 Steelhead in one hole on Deep Creek. Steelhead fishing is as good today, as it was 40 years ago. Hooking up and landing a Steelhead is one of the ultimate fishing experiences a fisherman can realize especially when he has done so using a fly rod. Deep Creek sets about 100 yards below Creekside Inn. The best Steelhead holes on this river can be fished in a 5-minute walk.

You will find fishing on the Kenai Peninsula and Alaska Peninsula a rewarding experience. Fishing is outstanding and you might want to enhance your visit with some of our other offerings, WILDERNESS FLY OUT FISHING, HALIBUT FISHING, Eco-tours, bear viewing, backpacking, wildlife viewing, photography, hunting and GREAT FLY FISHING!!!

MAY 1 - MAY 27
Combination fishing for King Salmon and Halibut. Great trolling in the Saltwater & great halibut fishing with large schools of bait fish hugging the shoreline at this time making for awesome action for King Salmon. Troll the first couple of hours for Kings then go get your halibut.

May 28 - June 8
Excellent King Salmon trolling and halibut fishing. Bright Kings enter the fresh water of Ninilchik River, Deep Creek, and Anchor River. These wad able rivers are at their peak at this time. This is fantastic fresh water action. Wilderness fly-outs King Salmon rainbow trout, lake trout, Dolly Varden, pike & grayling. The Kasilof River is also good at this time of the year for King Salmon.

June 9 ? July 15
The Kenai River & Kasilof River Chuit River are at their peak for the 1st run of King Salmon. Halibut fishing is excellent. Fly-outs for sockeye salmon, rainbows, Dolly Varden, lake trout, grayling & pike.

June 27 - July 24
The second run of King Salmon enter the freshwater of the Kasilof River. Excellent fly-outs for King Salmon. Millions of sockeyes enter the Bristol Bay Watershed. This is the world's largest run of salmon. Fly-outs for rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, lake trout, grayling & pike. Halibut fishing remains excellent.

July 9 - Aug. 1
The second run of King Salmon peak in the salt water & the Kasilof River. Millions of sockeyes enter Cook Inlet headed for the Kasilof River. The Fly-out for the Chuit silver salmon starts around the 14th of July through mid August. Halibut fishing is very good.ALASKA

Aug. 1 - Aug. 31
Silvers, silvers and more silvers! Coho are always on the bite in August. Also an excellent time for artic char, chum & pink salmon, lake Trout grayling on the fly-outs. Trophy halibut is excellent.

Sept. 1 ? Oct. 15
Good steelhead and biggest rainbows and late runs of silvers. Halibut excellent.

In September is usually quite good for Steelhead. Typically, the first part of September is also good for Silver Salmon. Most individuals who target steelhead use and egg sucking bunny leech and glow bugs are very successful. We also have Dolly Varden and Arctic Char in the river in September. We have three rivers near the Inn that provide good fly-fishing. The Anchor River is 17 miles south of us and is more accessible than the two Rivers near the Inn, (Deep Creek & Ninilchik River). Because of this the Anchor River is more heavily fished, yet still considered good fishing. Deep Creek sits just below the Inn and you can be fishing in excellent holes by walking less than 5 minutes. The Ninilchik River sits one mile north of the Inn. It is not as big as Deep Creek but, at times, is a good producer. Steelhead begins running in these three rivers in August and numbers continue to build and fishing improves till ice starts floating down the river, which curtails fishing immediately. We can usually can fish until latter part of Oct and, on occasion, until November.


All major car rental agencies are conveniently located downstairs at the Anchorage International Airport, but we suggest you book your car off airport property to save tax of 25% for your convenience we have listed them alphabetically.

Affordable New Car 800 248-3765
Alamo Rent A Car 800 327-9633
Anchorage Rent-A-Car 800 722-6484
Ragsdale and Martin Optical Avis Rent A Car 907 277-4567
Budget Car Rental 800 527-0700
Dollar Rent A Car 800 800-4000
Hertz 800 654-3131
National Car Rental 800 227-7368
Payless Car Rental 800 729-5377
Rent-A-Wreck 800 535-1391
Sears Rent A Car 800 527-0770
Thrifty Car Rental 800 367-2277
U-Save Auto Rentals 800 272-8728

An advantage of fishing with us is when you fly into Anchorage and rent A car, you will not be "LODGE BOUND". With your car you will be able to see a great deal of Alaska. You will have the opportunity to visit Anchorage, Soldotna, Kenai, Seward, Homer and other smaller villages while you are on your fishing vacation. Having your own transportation, you may wish to do some shopping, sight seeing, and experience Alaskan culture, explore remote spots, visit historical sites, and Russian villages.

DRIVING FROM ANCHORAGE TO NINILCHIK 177 MILES 3 1/2 - 4 HOURS the Seward-Anchorage highway is an all paved highway and has been designated a National Forest Scenic Byway. It travels past a mixture of salt-water Bays, ice-blue glaciers, craggy mountains and alpine valleys. The scenery combined with Alaska's wildlife makes this a very popular travel route. The first 50 miles of the highway twists and turns along the sea coast base of the Chugach Mountains and the shore of Turnagain Arm. The 37-foot tides here are exceeded only by those in Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy.

Following are some of the things you can look for and you will see many others. Potter Marsh on the left. It is the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge with information signs and viewing boardwalks and nesting ponds for arctic tern, geese, ducks, and swans.

For the next 12 miles there are many scenic viewpoints including the Potter Section House State Historic Site and railroad museum. Beluga Point has telescopes and you can often see Beluga Whales catching salmon. Be sure to stop at Portage Glacier. At the visitor center forest service naturalists describe the many phenomena associated with the Portage Glacier and you can see huge icebergs floating on the 600-foot deep lake.

Keep watching for Dall Sheep above the highway. About 10 more miles you come to Turnagain Pass Recreation Area, elevation of 988 feet. Restrooms. About 90 miles from Anchorage you come to the Sterling Highway towards, Soldotna, Ninilchik, & Homer. Continue through Soldotna. From there it takes about 40 minutes to Creekside Inn.


If you have requested a brochure, you can download or print a copy of our websites at, This web site is our electronic brochure detailing our operation fully. After viewing our Information & would like to discuss further planning, please call 1-928-778-6469
Sincerely, Will & Leah Maloney, Owners



Hi, Club Members, my name is Will Maloney and my lodge is located in Ninilchik, Alaska. For the past five years we have been offering special discounts to all fly fishing clubs. This year we have selected the Premium dates for the best fishing experience. We do have other dates available, but the dates selected below will be the most productive. We will be offering these dates to TU & FFF clubs first. I have been guiding in Alaska for years. I have an offer for your club, this year we are offering TWO exciting packages. Why am I making this offer to your club? Two reasons, I purchased this lodge in 2000 and I want to promote it. The second reason is I am a Fly Fisherman and want to make this offer to Fly Fishing Clubs. This is the best part; we have a 30-min slide show presentation about Fly-Fishing South-Central Alaska. We will be covering these topics 1.TIMING 2. SPECIES 3. PRESENTATION 4. FLY PATTERNS 5. TRAVEL TIPS. Our fee for the presentation is $ 350.00 that I will donate back to your club. We know we will not be able to give all Fly Fishing Clubs a presentation this year and with that in mind; please feel free to pass my invitation on to your CLUB MEMBERS. I will be happy to supply references from TU and FFF clubs that have fished with us in the past years. These are the best date for fishing in Alaska and the spots will fill quickly, so if your club has an Alaska trip in mind get with us as soon as possible for available dates. Keep in mind you do not have to go as a whole club or have a presentation to get this special offer. These packages will be offer at sport shows soon.

This is your opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on the very best dates. I will send you my web response brochure to give you more info on our property and the rivers that surround us in Alaska.

Fly Out Club Package # 1 2006
Package Includes
All Gear INCLUDED (waders, boots, rods & reel)
5 nights 6 days lodging (two per room) & (breakfast/ sack lunch)
2 days guided Fly-Out on the Chuit River. We fly out on the am of the first day and return on the pm the second day all food and lodging on fly out is included. ONE NIGHT & TWO FULL DAYS ON A FLY OUT RIVER!
2 days guided fishing on local waters (Deep Creek/ Anchor River/ Ninilchik River)
We can offer this package in June & July for Kings our Prime Weeks are June 3rd - 7, June 10 - 14, June 17 - 21, June 30 ? July 4

August & September for Silvers Prime Weeks are Aug 6-10 Aug 13-17 Aug 20-24 Aug 27-31
We only offer 12 spots each week
Your package price per person is $2450.00 + Tax
Show Price on this package is $2850.00 a saving of $ 400.00 per member

Info on the overnight fly out to the Chuit River.
Tyonek is a small village on the West Side of Cook Inlet about 25-minute flight. The Chuit River is the river we will be fishing. The native association manages this river and only allows limited use. They do this by the use of special permits. CREEKSIDE INN ALASKA has secured the access for the very best fishing dates in 2006. We have arranged AM flights with a commercial airline company to fly us in from Kenai Airport to Tyonek. By not using over priced floatplanes to taxi us over, we can reduce the cost of this trip. Once you arrive in Tyonek, your guide will take you to a bunkhouse to check in for TWO DAYS of some of the best fishing that Alaska has to offer!

Steelhead Club Package # 2
Package Includes
All Gear INCLUDED (waders, boots, rod & reel)
4 nights 5 days lodging (two per room) & (breakfast/ sack lunch)
3 days guided fishing on local waters (Deep Creek/ Anchor River/ Ninilchik River)
We offer this package September 11-14, 18-21, 25-28, October 2-5, 9-12, 2006 for Steelhead / Silvers.
Your package price per person is $ 1150.00 + tax

Thank you, Will Maloney

Bullard Properties 903-894-8673

Hi Creekside Guests, We have put together a list of flies to help you prepare for your trip.

King Flies
Size 1/0 Articulated leech black, purple, orange
Size 1/0 Hairball leech black, pink , and fuchsia
Size 2/0 Supper prawn standard, chartreuse
Size 2/0 Cone head Popsicle
Size 2/0 Popsicle
Size 1/0 Blue Moon
Size 1/0 King Caviar
Size 6 Laser Fly
Size 2 Flash Flies silver and red, silver and purple, silver and cranberry
Size 4 and 6 Cotton Candy
Size 6 Babin Special
Size 4 and 6 Polar Shrimp

Silver Flies
Size 6 Cotton Candy
Size 6 Clown Egg
Size 2 Coho Shrimp
Size 4 Hot Shot Comet orange, purple, black, pink
Size 6 Polar Shrimp
Size 4 Egg Sucking Bunny Leech black, purple
Size 2 and 4 Flash Fly silver and red / silver and black /silver and cranberry
Size 2 PF Salmon

Size 2 Articulated Marabou Leech black, fuchsia
Size 1/0 Hairball Leeches black, pink, purple, orange
Size 8 Clown Egg
Size 6 Babine Special
Size 6 Polar Shrimp
Size 6 Alaskan Omelet
Size 4 Purple Egg Sucking Crystal Bugger
Size 2Black Egg Sucking Bunny Leech
Size 2 P F Salmon
Size 2 Foam Top Wog cranberry
Size 6 Candy Cane
Size 4 Wool head Sculpin black, brown
Size 4 Drifting Carcasses

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